The RC News

the Rockwood center has Fully reopened!


On September 2, 2022, we had our first School Supply and Backpack drive. We were able to help 271 children get ready to go back to school with backpacks and supplies. We hope to continue holding this drive every year to help the children and teens in the community.

We-sew sewing classes are being held three Saturdays a month, limiting only eight students per class. We have beginners, advanced, and ages 8-13 classes.                        for more information

The Rockwood Center has received a grant to start the Art and Music Academy program for the Summer and Fall of 2022-2023.                        for more information.  

Memories from events in the Past

During the Covid19 pandemic last year, the RC kept the doors open to the Superhero Comic book camp, We-Sew class, and Doulas Latinas sewing classes while keeping everyone safe and following OHA protocols. 

Even though the RC was not fully functioning, the RC took this opportunity to work in the kitchen by renovating the floors and adding new appliances and grease drainage. The Rockwood Center is working hard to get the kitchen certified.