The Rockwood Center

Where Spirituality, the Arts, Education, Opportunity, Cultures and Community Come Together


is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Rockwood area through partnering with our community, providing opportunities to create art, express music and foster learning environments, while engaging the ever-changing needs of our neighbors.

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The Rockwood Center has been part of the community since August of 2017, providing space for community events and family gatherings.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have limits on the use of space to insure the safety of the community.  As we move through this ever-changing landscape of the Covid-19 virus, The Rockwood Center will follow the state and county guidelines for reopening.  Please review the state website for detailed information.


The Rockwood Center has reopened for space rentals; however, groups must comply with the current state and county guidelines.  For your safety, all guidelines must be followed: including wearing masks, and social distancing.  


The Rockwood Center is not responsible for the health of your party.  Nor can we guaranty a virus free zone.  Rental agreements are made “at Your Own Risk” during the covid-19 pandemic.


The Rockwood Center follows CDC guidelines for cleaning the facilities.  We will do all we can to maintain a safe atmosphere for gatherings. 

The Director of the Rockwood Center

Avimaela Tell De Jesus 

All Are Welcome

The Rockwood Center is part of the Rockwood community.  We welcome all people regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, immigration status, or gender.

The Rockwood Center supports and stands with our community against racial injustice and the mistreatment of persons of color.  Black live matter in our society and our community. All human beings are created in the image of God and are sacred by divine design.   Any illusion of the superiority of white people and culture has no foundation in Scripture nor in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Racism is a sin that has for too long found a home in religious communities, churches and organizations. 

The Rockwood Center is a place where the grace of God is expressed to all. 

Some of OUR Programs

Local Artists

Mario DeLeon has been working a community mural for the Rockwood Center over the summer and into the fall.  Drive by and see the wonderful work that Mario has done.