The Rockwood Center emerged from a 2016 vision to impact the Rockwood community in meaningful ways.  In the winter of 2017, a team of people, largely from Gresham United Methodist Church, began to transform Rockwood United Methodist Church into the Rockwood Center. The Rockwood Center built on the relationship established by the Rockwood United Methodist Church and continue the mission to reach into the community with love. 

Gresham United Methodist Church provide funding and volunteers to help establish the Rockwood Center.  The Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference provided additional funding and support of the mission. 

 Rockwood United Methodist Church had already established a relationship with SnowCap, an east county food program that is located on the back of the property.   The church’s spirit of giving has now enabled two wonderful ministries to be present in the Rockwood community.

The central vision of the new Rockwood Center was to engage the growing needs of the community for venue space, art and music programs, entrepreneurial opportunities and educational programs.  We continue to work with our community and leaders to respond to the needs of the Rockwood community.

Rockwood Center Leadership 

Avi and Dr. Steven Lewis Board President
Avimaela Tello de Jesus

GUMM Board

The Rockwood Center is owned and operated by Gresham United Methodist Ministries (GUMM), which is a religious non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

GUMM Board Members

Dr. Steven Lewis, President 

Rev. Stephan Ross, Treasurer

Adam Jenkins, Secretary

Retired Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson

Mike Vest

Diane O'Malley

Dr. Sandra Hernandes

Transformation Video