Entrepreneurial Opportunities


At The Rockwood Center we aim to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to empower people in our community. Those opportunities have changed and expanded over the years, but the mission has stayed the same. 

Currently, we are working to open our own coffee cart to serve the community and offer the opportunity of job skill training. In addition, we are working to open a certified kitchen for local entrepreneurs.

The Rockwood Center is committed to the economic development of the Rockwood area.  One mission of the Rockwood Center is to create micro-businesses to provide an opportunity to learn business skills and develop entrepreneurial co-working spaces.

Currently, The Rockwood Center is hosting Sewing Programs, working with Doulas Latinas International and working toward opening a certified kitchen for local entrepreneurs. 


Engage at Rockwood


Gallentina Cakes

Nanci Carrera has provided orientation to packed classes to demonstrated the fine art of gelatin creations. These classes prepare individuals to create Gelatina Art Creations which are beautiful works of art, as well as a delicious desert for any event. Contact the Rockwood Center for details of the next available class.



The We-SEW Collective meets regularly to gain and improve sewing skills for entrepreneurial use.
Contact the Rockwood Center for details of the next available class. 


Basket Weaving

Elaine St. Martin offers classes on native basket weaving.  Class sizes are limited to 15 people, and based on donations.  Each person makes a small basket.  Stay tuned for the next class.